christmas (vol. 1)

Somehow, four years ago, Jack and I decided to record a Christmas album.

At the time, we were living in and managing a house for international students in Seattle, and I was very pregnant with Rosemary.  We had one upstairs bedroom to ourselves. So imagine, if you will, us in the grunge capital of the world, bedroom door locked, or sometimes hidden away in the basement, scratching words on paper and picking hushed guitar.  It's unpolished, it's unprofessional, it's full of cringeworthy moments, but this album is something I absolutely love (and my husband is a really, really good lyricist).  Working on this with him was the best kind of advent meditation 

Would you like to listen?  My favorites are track 3 (my protest song), track 5 (Jack's meditation on incarnation), and track 9 ( about the tradition of driving across country to get home for Christmas).