Christmas Again

So, we did it again - made a Christmas album for your, our own dear friends and family; and this time, it's even better, because it's got a number of original compositions by one Rosemary Peterson, and the cute factor is through the roof.

We create - songs, children, homemade marshmallows, snow sculptures, computer code, what have you - not because we're awesome at it, but because it's in our blood. We're made in the image of a Creator.  Jesus, too, son of a carpenter, son of a Creator, used his hands to make things; and we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus.

Here are a few notes on the songs:
#1 - believe it or not, my daughter does not believe in santa claus, and in fact has already tried to disabuse her preschool classmates of their faulty beliefs
#2 - a classic reworked
#3 - my only contribution to this album. my brother david played banjo with me.
#4 - going sledding with you is my favorite thing to do, in snow time
#5 - what happened when I told Jack, "this album should have a romantic Christmas song on it."  he recorded it while giving the kids a bath, hence the background noises
#6 - let's just call him rudolph the reindeer, not rudolph the red-nosed.  c'mon people.
#7 - just some classic country-style mournful christmas singin', here. my brother john played djembe, and david played banjo
#8 - yoko ono wrote this song. seriously.
#9 -mash up of angels and santa
#10 - a kind of counterpoint to "Christmas Day" on our first album
#11 - i sincerely love this psalty this singing songbook classic.

Here are the lyrics to my one contribution.  I wrote it thinking about types of Christ in the Old Testament, particularly the passover lamb and Isaac.

there was blood on the door frame
a ram in the thicket
there's the promise she laughed at
of hope for the wicked

you are
every good gift
from the father of lights
through the shadows that shift
are all things coming right

mothers are crying
fathers will strike
brothers are lying
it's for blessing we fight

the tree that we cut down
the ham that we carve
the babies we're nursing
the songs in our hearts

you are every good gift
the ram in the thicket
you are every good gift
all things coming right

So, which of Rosie's songs is your favorite?