a few things in September

Ballet. This picture is so cute it is driving me crazy. Maybe I didn't actually ask the other moms if I could put their children's picture on the internets. My apologies (tell me if you want it removed). It's just too much.

Damages. On the other extreme, I've been enjoying the disturbing show Damages. For most of the show's run, I've had a personal policy of no-damages-before-bedtime, because believe me, you do not want damages-dreams. In this, it's fifth and final season, though, it's got less violence but just as much drama. The performances by Glenn Close and Rose Byrne, as two damaged and power-hungry attorneys, are extraordinary. Are they the only women on tv who are allowed to be as complex and ambitious, as intriguing and abhorrent, as men? (Well, besides the female Prime Minister on Borgen-- yes.) The series finale airs Wednesday on Direct TV.

The Year Six Playlist. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about why we make anniversary mix CDs. Here's a link to listen to Year Six on spotify. My current favorite song is track 2, by The Walkmen. I need what it says about not striving for perfection, but being open to mistakes and failure and correction, a life of wholeness.

Lit. Currently loving this memoir by poet Mary Karr.

Certified Copy. We actually watched this film a few months ago, but somebody reminded me of it this week. It's a French film by an Iranian director and set in Italy. (Actually, parts were filmed in Cortona, just a few miles from where I spent a semester (Mollie, Anna, watch it!)). It's a beautiful and thought-provoking look at relationships, gender, and how we create our stories.

Walks. I usually walk Rosie to preschool, a little over a mile each way, and right now the weather is just achingly perfect, the kind that fills you with nostalgia. Go for a walk.

Google hang outs! Yesterday I used google plus for the first time, to have a video chat with my brothers (in Denver and Tulsa) and our parents (in Arkansas). It was super fun and would have been perfect if Sister Kate could have been there too.