Actually, women already do "have it all" (giveaway!)

Hannah Anderson and I became friends as a result of a twitter exchange about gender and theology a couple of years ago.  I was being snarky, of course, and she was being nuanced and reasonable.  Our conversation ended with my suggestion that she and I should change the terms of the debate, reframe the discussion of "women in the church".  I was half-joking, but as it turns out, she was totally serious.  Like, she wrote a whole book about it.

This month Moody released Hannah's book Made for More: An Invitation to Live in God's Image.

Though we land in slightly different places in the gender role debates, I appreciate Hannah's careful, scriptural look at what it means to affirm that women are created in the image of God.  Instead of asking "What does it mean to be a woman?"  Hannah asks what it means to be fully human.  Instead of asking if women can "have it all,"  Hannah insists that as image-bearers, we already do have it all. Here's the endorsement I wrote after reading an advance copy:

Can women "have it all"? In Made for More, Hannah Anderson reminds us that debating whether women can have fulfilling families and careers isn't the right place to begin in answering that question. Instead, she argues that women do have it all: we are full image-bearers of a great and glorious God. As Anderson unpacks the truth of what it means to be fully human and created in God's likeness, she skirts the trendy controversies of the day, instead offering women a strong scriptural foundation for understanding our identity. While the mommy wars rage, Anderson's still, small. and eloquent  voice calls women to a deeper, freeing vision of all that God intended womanhood to be.

You can hop on over to Christ and Pop Culture to read my interview with Hannah about the book.  You can also enter to win a copy of the book here!

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