Do you trust your feelings?

Do you trust your feelings?

I usually don't. The voice in my head says things like

Feelings change, but the word of God endures and

Guard your heart (which I always took to mean reveal nothing and let no one in) and

How you feel about it doesn't matter, what matters is what's true and even

Girls are emotional, flighty and fickle - don't be a girl.

I first began to wonder if I should trust my feelings more when I was in college. In a unit on feminism, I read about Women's Ways of Knowing.  Could there be legitimate other ways of knowing, I asked myself?  As legitimate as Reason, the way of the Enlightenment?

Lately I've been wondering again about the interplay between reason and emotion and Holy Spirit in decision-making.  I tend to write off my emotions as just hormonal, but Jack never lets me get away with that.   So how do I listen to them?

This week my feeling about one of our big decisions underwent a 180 degree change overnight, for no clear reason, and I'm wondering why.  I'm wondering if I need to trust my feelings, and how to do that.  I'm wondering if I need to talk back to the voice in my head:

Yes, feelings change, but the word of God can speak truth to us in our changing feelings.  You don't need to be afraid of expressing feelings because they might someday change.

Yes, guard your heart, by not embracing filth, by not betraying your own soul, but by embracing all the good people God has put in your life.

Yes, truth matters, but how you feel is a truth, and it matters too.

And who are you to define femininity, and to define it so negatively?

Lately I've been thinking that my refusal to trust my feelings is also a refusal to listen to God.  That maybe God speaks to us through feelings, too, and that maybe there is no such thing as pure reason. That maybe one reason I've been so afraid of feelings is that the churches I've gone to have been so male-dominated.

Do you trust your emotions?  What do you think? (Or maybe I should say how do you feel?)