the must-have fashion accessory for fall

I like to tell this story:

When I was a teenager, I usually set my alarm for twenty minutes before I had to leave for school. I rolled out of bed, made a lunch, and put Caedmon's Call in the cassette deck of my '88 Camry. 

 (My morning routine, to be honest, has not changed significantly in the last fifteen years, unless you consider the addition of coffee significant, which I do.)

In those days, my younger sister would sigh and roll her eyes and say, "You're not wearing THAT to school, are you?" (She had a good point.  But yes, I was.)

It amuses me to no end, then, to find out that my daughter has a thing for fashion.  In fact, another preschool mom alerted me to the fact that Rosie has started a trend: the wearing of headbands as "collars". (I would have said necklace, but Rosie corrected me. It's a collar.)
In honor of this lovely difference between my daughter and me, I thought I'd share a few of her other distinctive fashion choices.  I generally let her choose her own clothes.

At 18 months, Rosie insisted on wearing a scrunchie high up on her arm, and this was the first fashion preference I can remember her displaying.

She is insistent that leg warmers should be pulled high, not slouched, and paired with some bling.

That's my girl.