Speaking Calendar

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September 29-Oct 1 Greenlake Presbyterian Church (Seattle) Women's Retreat

October 13 Belmont Chapel (Nashville)

October 21 Indiana Faith and Writing Conference (Anderson University)


February 14-16 Windhover Writers' Festival (Belton, TX)

April 12-14 Festival of Faith and Writing (Grand Rapids, MI)

May 20 Commonway Church (Muncie, IN)


February 26 and 28 Huntington University chapel


Below are a sampling of talks I've given. Feel free to drop me an email {coamyp at gmail dot com} if you're interested in having me speak at your school, church, or conference -- or if you'd like to host me on your podcast or radio show.

How to Be Harrowing
In this session, we will deconstruct the myth that the best personal writing is born out of dramatic or traumatic experiences. Solo acts of sensational disclosure might get the most clicks and page views, but you don’t have to have a “harrowing” story in order to construct a compelling essay. Here we’ll look at strategies for writing powerfully about ordinary life.

Don’t Save the World (25-35 minutes)
Telling her own story of two years in Southeast Asia, Amy shares about the realities of persecution for Christians globally, the dangers of the savior complex, and the true vocation of every Christian. 

Beloved, Strangers, and Kin: A Three Part Series

Beloved, We Are Beloved : As God’s children, we are beloved apart from our usefulness or our good works.
Telling stories from her experience as a missionary in Southeast Asia, Amy shares how through her own failure and doubts, she came to fully grasp her identity as a Beloved child of God. Rather than finding an identity in how useful one is to God, Amy encourages listeners to rest in their status as Beloved.

Beloved, We Are StrangersAs God’s children, we are strangers welcoming strangers. Radical hospitality is integral to our identity.
Looking at the stories of Abraham and of Ruth, Amy finds that God’s people have always known what it means to be strangers in need of hospitality. Hospitality was fundamental to the way of life God planned for God’s people. “You shall not oppress a stranger,” the law given to Moses commanded. “You know the heart of a stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt” (Exodus 23:9). The Israelites’ experience of vulnerability was key to their welcome of others.

Beloved, We Are Kin: As God’s children, we are kin with all who follow Christ. Our notion of family must expand.
Living life with those who are different from you is not easy, but it is blessed. As we take a deeper look at the story of Lydia, we find that we are called to go “beyond the gates” in seeking to connect with our “kin.”


Academic/Classroom Lectures

The Missionary Myth: Expectations, Reality, and the Power of Stories
Best for an academic/classroom environment, this interactive session looks at the history of the missionary narrative in America and the dangers of the missionary myth. 

The Short Term Trip, and Imagining Other Ways of Doing Missions
Best for an academic/classroom environment, this interactive session looks at the history of the “short-term mission trip” and suggests some useful ways to re-think our mission practices.