silence and bearable weightiness

A few recent pieces, for you readers who aren't on facebook and twitter:

The title of my little essay for the Good Letters blog at Image Journal is "The Bearable Weightiness of Being," and it's sort of about motherhood, and this makes me giggle because becoming a mother is definitely a weighty thing.  I mean, I gained fifty pounds each time.  But it is not about that - it's actually more about how, if I took a Buzzfeed quiz called "Which character from The Unbearable Lightness of Being Are You???" my answer would have changed over the last decade.  Or you could say it's about falling asleep, or about my pretentious literary taste in college. It's about a few things.

In other book-related writing, I wrote an introduction to the book Silence for the SheLoves Red Couch book club this month.  This novel is devestating and unsubtle and certainly not your typical summer beach read, but that's one reason why I love those ladies at the Red Couch book club - they ask big questions and don't shy away from tackling important topics.  If you have read Silence, or want to join us in reading it this month, you can also join us in discussing Silence in our Facebook group. You can RSVP here or just plan to show up Wednesday July 22 at 8 pm CDT.