Things I Love, a Partial List

Long highway drives and places without highways. I want to go everywhere. (17 countries down, 179 to go.)

Jack, who won my heart with music. He introduced me to Joanna Newsom, sang European pop songs at karaoke, and wrote lyrics that made me yearn for both him and God. He also made Rosemary and Owen possible.

 Those kids we made.

Those kids we made.

Rosemary and Owen.

The liturgy and Eucharist at the Episcopal church I attend.  Also, the Presbyterian love for doctrine, the Baptist zeal for evangelism, the Pentecostal relationship with the Holy Spirit, the Catholic’s desert monks.  In short, the ecumenical church. The kingdom of God.

Students, like those I work with at Taylor University, who are willing to learn how to communicate across cultural boundaries. My favorite students (oh, I have them) are willing to ask questions too big to answer simply (or at all).


The four chickens that a weasel murdered last week (R.I.P. Goldie, Nightmare, Callie, and Starbright.) 



Almost everything about living on two acres in the country.


Veronica Mars.  And Rory Gilmore.  Also Nancy Drew and Harriet Vane and Meg Murray.  Intrepid women.  Pop culture. Teen stuff.


Books, mostly all of them.


Food, mostly all of it.


You, for reading this.



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Thanks for reading.
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Amy Peterson teaches and works with the Honors program at Taylor University. With a B.A. in English Literature from Texas A&M and an M.A. in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College, Amy taught ESL for two years in Southeast Asia before returning stateside to teach in California, Arkansas, and Washington. Amy has written for River Teeth, St. Katherine Review,  Relief, Books & Culture, The Millions, Christianity Today, The Other Journal, The Cresset, and Art House America, among other places. Dangerous Territory: My Misguided Quest to Save the World is her first book. She will complete her MFA in Creative Writing through Seattle Pacific University in August 2018.

Amy enjoys cozy mysteries, screwball comedies, and classic sitcoms—80% dark chocolate, french-press coffee, and very buttery popcorn—international travel, early morning writing, and the idea of gardening—as well as hiking, napping, and experimenting in sustainable practices of living.